19-69 Kasbah.19-69 Kasbah19-69 Fashion.

19-69 Fashion: A woody and welcoming fragrance from 19-69, the Kasbah resides in Marrakesh with its soft oriental spices and lots of body and fullness. Inspired by the clothes, colours, music, interior and drugs of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the Kasbah is an appreciation...

19-69 Chinese Tobacco.19-69 Chinese Tobacco19-69 Fashion.

19-69 Fashion: A reflection of cultural contrasts while travelling across Asia, the East meets West and old meets new in 19-69’s Chinese Tobacco fragrance. Every spritz explores the beauty across the borders; packed with elements of legendary movies ‘Apocalypse...

19-69 Capri.19-69 Capri19-69 Fashion.

19-69 Fashion: Setting the scene; every spritz of 19-69’s Capri fragrance will surround you with elements of wild citrus trees, green olive groves, blue skies and the endless ocean that surrounds the Neapolitan island. Whisking you away to the serene atmosphere,...

19-69 Purple Haze.19-69 Purple Haze19-69 Fashion.

19-69 Fashion: A story that begins in Key West, 19-69’s Purple Haze perfume is a tribute to one of the most fragrant and inspiring places – think swaying palm trees and orchids at the most southern tip of the USA. Embracing the hippie movement, Purple Haze plays...

19-69 L'Air Barbès.19-69 L'Air Barbès19-69 Fashion.

19-69 Fashion: Taking you on a journey through the streets of Paris, 19-69’s L'Air Barbès’ story begins down a dimly lit alleyway, through two heavily guarded doors where dark red velvet covers the walls. In a private chambre a musky fragrance oozes from the man...

19-69 Rainbow Bar.19-69 Rainbow Bar19-69 Fashion.

19-69 Fashion: Capturing the blue skies and warm glow of LA, 19-69’s Rainbow Bar perfume takes its name from the notorious Sunset Strip hangout. Founded when the word rainbow was a signifier of peace and freedom, the legendary Rainbow Bar embraced the ‘80s rock...

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19-69 Fashion

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