Fashion shopping, redefined.

See everything on One Page

pick a product, not a store.

ModeSens is the only fashion site on One Page: select a product, and we scour the internet to put everything you need to know - stores, prices, availability - all on one simple page.

This example shoe is available from multiple stores, at varying prices and sizes. Instead of having to open multiple tabs to compare stores, ModeSens makes all their information accessible on one simple page. Just OnePage to compare prices, find your size, and check availability!


Never miss a thing with Updates

comprehensive product notifications in real time.

Our up-to-the-minute Updates are tied to the product, not specific stores, so you'll never miss out on your size or a sale again.

Want to know if a price drops at any store where your desired item is in stock?
Or when your size becomes available? Or if stock is running low?
Easy! Just click on any product and we'll keep you up-to-the-minute for any change, at any store, anywhere.

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Find it with Filters

your favorite fashion.

Refine by size, color, style, designer, material - everything that matters - and heart the stuff you love. The more you heart, the better we get!

What We Believe

Fashion shopping should be fun, not complex.

Saving time is just as valuable as saving money.

You should be at the center of your fashion universe.

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For best iOS experience, download 'ModeSens' from app store

For best iOS experience, download 'ModeSens' from app store