AERON Aeron Pleated Detail Dress - Nude & Neutrals.AERON Aeron Pleated Detail Dress - Nude & NeutralsAERON women Fashion.

AERON women Fashion: Beige pleated detail dress from Aeron.

AERON Aeron Feather Print Dress - White.AERON Aeron Feather Print Dress - WhiteAERON women Fashion.

AERON women Fashion: Cream and black feather print dress from Aeron.

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AERON Fashion For Women

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The designer, Eszter Áron was born in 1981, in Budapest, Hungary, into a textile dynasty with generations of tailors. From a very young age on, Eszter was exposed to a creative and artistic environment, since she started traveling with her mother to textile, fashion, and art fairs around Europe. These impulses and impressions along with her mother’s impeccable style have influenced her aesthetic evolution. Until today, her love for clean sharp lines with focus on fabric quality and exquisite craftsmanship is still the core characteristic and inspiration of her work.


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