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3 Years 13 Countries, Photos From The Road Can Be This Glamorous

Jan 17 2017

Fashion education begins early in life. At five years old, while I found heaven in chocolate, chasing after mommy for M&Ms, Jessi had already mastered the art of self-discipline. Her philosophy for life goes like this: Candy? No! Beautiful clothes? Oh yes! As early as kindergarten, little Jessi wanted nothing to do with chocolate bars but welcomed beautiful clothes with open arms. 

And what became of her when she grew up?

A crazy hot bod of course!

Jessi Style

Jessi jokingly proclaims she’s got a killer “Poker Face”, so her style of dressing emanates coolness, sex-appeal, and a dash of superhero kapow. Jessi also advises not to chase the trends aimlessly. Do your research before you commit. (Sound advice for both shopping and dating.) 

Dressing for windy days, she brought the swoosh factor in a black cape coat, and counterbalanced the voluminosity with thigh-high boots. Breaking the all-black look in just the right places, she left a sliver of skin bare. A strategic move. This is a go-to ensemble for those wishing to make an uber-glam (and sexy!) entrance at any winter event.

BLPs (black leather pants) are the name of cool. But not everyone can pull of this look. (You really do have to be skinny.) Jessi juxtaposes the leather skinnies with a clean-cut top, the result is runway chic.

But this is not the only style in Jessi’s repertoire. All it takes to channel her inner Greek goddess, is a simple white dress.

This cape-wearing, boot-strutting fearless female can also play nice. Pairing relaxed knitwear with organza overlay knee-length skirt, she retains a welcoming sense of ease typically found only in your girl-next-door. Even the adorable deer can’t steal her show. 

Shoes and bags are the crown jewels of a woman’s wardrobe. Jessi is a complete and utter shoe aficionada. Any all-black look can be manicured with a pair of polished, eye-catching stilettos. 

Speaking of mixing and matching, Jessi suggests starting with solid colors and classic styles before venturing into something outrageously flamboyant. 

Australia-Student, Model, Brand Ambassador

Fashion is an expensive hobby. But to Jessi, it is also an active way of life.

After finishing middle school at 15, Jessi moved to Australia to study. You might find it hard to believe, but Jessi was a total nerd. (Hello Geek Chic!) Following the typical career trajectory of The Nerd, she majored in Actuarial Studies at The University of New South Wales. While in uni, Jessi competed in a beauty pageant, catching the eye of a Sydney-based Chinese magazine. The editor invited Jessi to work for them as a part-time model. After this stint in modeling, Jessi fell in love with taking pictures of her own outfits and sharing them on social media.  

A lot of girls began asking Jessi about the brands she was wearing and tips for personal style. Aside from making friends with more and more fashion-forward millennials, Jessi realized Australia is not fashion-backward at all, but it is also home to many up-and-coming designers. 

Because Jessi wanted to share these fabulous new finds with her friends in China, she came up with an idea. It was to open an e-commerce site featuring emerging designers, introducing their ready-to-wear creations to Chinese buyers. She has already registered her company in Australia, and is currently building the website and app. 

It is also her shopping obsession that led to her discovery of ModeSens. “A friend recommended ModeSens to me. I love it. I feel like this is the luxury shopping search engine I’ve been dying to find. It’s also very easy to use, I can figure out who the celebrities are wearing immediately, and compare prices at different retailers. It makes buying things overseas very convenient.” Spoken like a true fashionista.  

3 Years 13 Countries

Jessi loves to travel. She also loves to document the fleeting moments of her journey through photography. In three years she visited 13 countries. 

Life tip: Take yourself around and have a look at this world. 

Playing with the swimming pigs of Exuma in the Bahamas. 

▼Oia, Greece. White-washed houses on the sea cliffs of the Aegean Sea. 

Fashion is an expensive hobby. It is true. But when you spare no effort in the quest for beauty to both fulfill and better yourself, fashion becomes the reflection of a bold and dynamic lifestyle. 

This issue’s ModeStar@徐昕昕Jessi, a lover of beauty, fashion, and travel, is gearing up for a wild ride in the realm of fashion entrepreneurship. How will her business fare? Only time will tell. But one thing is for certain, she is actively creating the life she has always dreamed of. 

And that endeavor alone is worth celebrating. 

Watch this space for more exciting content from @徐昕昕Jessi.

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