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Bundle Up for Winter Storms in This Chic “Goose”

Jan 11 2017

Puffer jackets have always floated outside the realm of fashion. While it’s hard to find a better substitute for extreme warmth, most designers would be hard-pressed to produce a hardy puffer for the runway. But on those particularly frigid days during those bleak winter months, what’s more reliable than a cozy puffer?

We agree, it’s quite the dilemma. But don’t despair! You don’t have to sacrifice style and status for warmth this year, you just need to bring home the “goose”.

A beacon of winter fashion, Canada Goose is dominating the outerwear scene on the streets of New York and Paris. Want to find out the evolution of this bird’s claim to fame? Read on for its family history. 


In 1957, Polish immigrant Sam Tick founded Canada Goose. At first, he focused on sportswear, wool vests, raincoats, and snowmobile suits. 

After his son-in-law David Reiss took over the company, the parkas were trademarked as “Snow Goose”, which later became the popular “Canada Goose”.  

Its heavy-duty parkas were originally designed for outdoor adventurers and arctic explorers. Whether you’re mountain-climbing or setting off for a dangerous expedition in the ice fields, few things warm you up like densely packed goose down!

Canada Goose strives to maintain its central ethos of “Made in Canada”. Handmade locally, every puffer, parka, and other “Goose” pride of perfection must go through strict quality control before hitting the market.  

Its unbeatable comfort and function made Canada Goose a favorite among researchers, photographers and sportsmen venturing into the coldest and most remote regions of the globe. 

Street Style Star – The “Goose”

Walking down the wintery streets, the number one goal is to protect yourself against the elements. Canada Goose may be designed for the great outdoors, but its parkas have become staples of a city wardrobe. Many celebrities chose to don the goose, because: 1) it adds dimension and volume; 2) it can be styled in a myriad of ways; and 3) most importantly, it is so, very functional. Nothing says “I’m effortlessly cool” better than a goose down parka.  

Victoria’s Secret model Sui He is a huge fan of Canada Goose. Military green parka paired with boyfriend jeans completes an uber handsome look primed for paparazzi.  

Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield took a winter stroll in their “geese”. This cozy couple’s matching parka is killing all the singletons left out in the cold. With no love and no goose of their own.

David Beckham is also spotted taking the kids to school and showing up for events in a Canada Goose bomber and puffer. 

Other than celebrities, fashionistas love to demo how to give these puffy puffers an elevated fashion makeover.  

In the blackish grey winter days, you need vibrant colors to brighten things up. Red is a great choice. In fact, slimming hues not only include the darker shades, eye-popping red also does the trick. 

If winter is weighing you down, don’t blame it on the puffer. Fashion fiends know how to layer the coat for a multi-dimensional look. 

The well-heeled gentleman won’t give up his Canada Goose either. A structured parka can make you fashionable all winter. 

Canada Goose X?

While maintaining its functionality and practicality, Canada Goose doesn’t shy away from fresh concepts in design. This fashion forward goose has flapped onto the runway and won’t be flying away anytime soon. Frequently collaborating with industry vets to create unusual collections, Canada Goose likes to get inventive on the catwalk. 


This collection featured bold floral prints and dynamic colors. Other than outdoor enthusiasts, Canada Goose also aims to capture the hearts of millennials. 

Canada Goose X VETEMENTS

VETEMENTS’s eccentric shape and silhouette pair surprisingly well with down-filled puffers. This winter, you can bundle up in a parka without fear that it’ll look like a glossy black lump. Having re-emerged on the street in every shape, size and form, the “goose” could be your It coat all winter. 

Reading this, you’re probably itching to get your hands on a “goose” of your own. A few recommendations.

Product Recommendations

TIPS: For blustery days, the best investment you can make is a warm and fashionable

parka. When choosing puffers, the first thing you need to focus on is the stuffing. Is it goose down or duck down? Next, it’s the puff factor. The airier the puff, the better the jacket. 

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