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Check out how the rebellious girl rock every new style

Oct 10 2017

(click picture to enter @徐树汀 wardrobe) 

Often times you can see a reflection of self or outlook on life through a person’s style. In this issue, we introduce a rebellious young girl  @徐树汀 who strives to break beyond limits through the means of outspoken style. With exaggerated choices of what she wears, she aims to feel novelty, comfort and self-esteem in her life.

ModeSensWhen did you get into fashion? What has fashion brought to your life?

@徐树汀In middle school, I would pick up style magazines from newsstands. In high school, I started to pay attention to colors, materials, and the intermingle between the two. At that time, we had to wear uniforms to school so I would think of small but fun ways to rebel and add exaggerated pieces to my outfit.

Fashion has brought so much more interesting elements, passion, and even formality to my life. I’m the type of person to spend a whole afternoon in my closet to feel truly in my comfort zone.

ModeSensWhat’s your ideal fashion style?

@徐树汀I think that fashion should be in the moment and not overtly trying to be novel. In a particular scenario, your get-up can make you feel a sense of ease and confidence. If you can add your own flavor and humor, that’s even better.

ModeSensHow do you define your style?

@徐树汀It’s hard to say that I have a favorite style. I’m really dedicated to the clothes I pick out to fulfill an element of surprise. I guess one style I don’t do is that I never wear all basics. All my outfits have at least one item that’s a bit out of the ordinary and feel that it’s worth photographing.

ModeSensBeing a style blogger, what do you usually like buying?

@徐树汀I love buying earrings. Lately I’ve been considering getting more piercings. My earrings are usually apparent and design-based. I don’t really put on much makeup so earrings are my way to add to my face.

ModeSensWhat brands do you like? Any favorite designers?

@徐树汀I buy a lot of Chinese brands. As for international brands, I like wingfree because the designer seems to be able to have a dialogue with her customers through her collections. Clothing is a way to communicate. Everyone has to answer a life question by coming up with their style.

ModeSens:Is there a fashion icon whom you look up to?

@徐树汀Leandra Medine. Lots of people love her. I love that her photos are both dramatic and humorous. It’s so difficult to be able to do that.

ModeSensWhat kind of trends did you like this season?

@徐树汀New styles of suits. As I’m graduating soon, I’m starting to learn to wear more suits. In this season, I feel like suits steered to be less serious and more hip. Suit pieces pairing with other items makes a really refreshing contrast between shape and disruption, which I really love.

ModeSensWhat two pieces do you recommend for this season?

@徐树汀Long coat for the cooler temperatures of fall and beret hat for a vintage look.

ModeSensSeeing that you travel a ton — what do you like to bring along for your getaways?

@徐树汀Sunglasses are key! It’s easy to feel tired from lack of sleep when travelling so sunglasses help when you’re not looking your best and to keep the sun away. Also a cardigan to be flexible in changing temperatures and use as a soft cushion.

ModeSensSeeing that you’re able to pull of various looks, what do you think is your boldest outfit so far?

@徐树汀Bikinis, haha.

ModeSensWhen did you encounter ModeSens? What’s your first impression/experience using ModeSens?


@徐树汀I first encountered ModeSens through Weibo. I found it to be super convenient to use and have a lot of great curation. The price comparison feature is also super awesome. Who doesn’t love to save, right?!

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