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Gender-Neutral Expression by Way of Style

Dec 12 2017

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In this issue of ModeStar interviews, we meet @ManInFur by the way of Hong Kong. As a male who aspires of a reality TV stardom inspired by the Kardashians, @ManInFur flaunts a closet that’s combined of both men’s and womenswear. Learn more about his own point of below.


ModeSens: Since when did you get into fashion? What has fashion brought for your life?

@ManInFur:I started liking style since I was young. Style brings boy to my life in a ‘look good, feel good’ type of way.


ModeSens:What do you usually like to buy?

@ManInFur:If I like it, I’ll buy it. I guess what’s kind of different is that I tend to buy womenswear from time to time. I think that as long as it looks good, the original gender-intention doesn’t quite matter. I was quite into lace not long ago.

ModeSens:So on the topic of trends, seems like you like pursuing your own way of style?

@ManInFur:Yes, I won’t intentionally pursue and follow what’s trendy. Though I do sometimes pick up things that may even be ahead of seasonal trends — like how I got into lace or floral styles before it got popular.

ModeSens:You seem like the type to not care about what others think and be yourself?

@ManInFur:Definitely, I live for the haters! Haha!



ModeSens:Is there a particular style you haven’t quite experimented with?

@ManInFur:Maybe wearing skirts? Or maybe something that’s too revealing. I’m still a bit conscious of my body appearance.

ModeSens:Is there a brand or designer you’re really into?

@ManInFur:I really like Raf Simons. I love his minimalist way of design. He was great at Dior but got a bit left-field for me after. In terms of brands, I really like HERMÈS for their classic bags. They have a strong purpose to make their own waves and not follow what’s in trend. I think that mirrors alot of my own personal outlook.


ModeSens:Can you tell us more about your study-abroad experience? What have you learned about the culture and style of where you are?

@ManInFur:I’m in Switzerland and have just graduated. The pace of life here is really relaxed; people really have a great balance between life and work. In terms of fashion, they aren’t quite there yet in my opinion. I also lived in Milan for a bit as well. Folks there tend to dress pretty classy. I sense that there’s still some conservatism there which reflects in their style.


ModeSens:What’s your first impression of ModeSens?

@ManInFur:When I first started using ModeSens, I really liked it because the Looks section has helped me a lot to find what specific items are worn by other people who I follow for inspiration.


ModeSens:What features do you wish ModeSens had?

@ManInFur:I think that location setting could be improved a bit so that I can tag my whereabouts as I share my looks.



ModeSens:Being a ModeStar, what do you see that’s next on the platform?

@ManInFur:I appreciate that ModeSens has given me a platform to express myself and get affirmation of my style from others who are also part of the community. What’s next? I hope to represent ModeSens in Hong Kong and take part in more events and brand collaborations to showcase ModeSens through my perspective.


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