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Mar 05 2018


A story about online romancing, starring SS18 

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After losing a bet with her best friend, Shirley opened an online dating profile. She isn’t looking for love, just looking to laugh a bit.

Rupert is a seasoned online dater. He always plays the part of the gentleman and is known for his impeccable taste. He never imagined he could meet someone more stylish than him.

Rupert, 31 

10 kilometers away

Always ready for a good time. Swipe right if you want to go out with the best-dressed man in the city.

Shirley, 27 

10 kilometers away

If you think Saint Laurent is actually a Saint and like to wake up early in the morning – don’t even bother.

Rupert: We match…

Shirley: Obviously we are both wearing all white…

Rupert: What an observation. I wonder what else we have in common. What are your hobbies?

Shirley: I wouldn’t really say I have hobbies but hula-hooping is my favorite workout. 

Rupert: Hula-hooping, wow so retro of you…

Shirley: Yea, I like a touch of retro here and there…

Rupert: What else are you into? 

Shirley: I love to dance, and as you can see from my photos, I am pretty into wearing all white.. lucky for you I also like red socks and berets.

Rupert: What about stripes and turtlenecks?

Shirley: Yea, I like them as well, anything that has that vintage, classic feel…

Rupert: You look quite stylish in your photos

Shirley: Coming from the ‘best-dressed man in the city’ that’s quite a compliment…

Rupert: Want to meet for a drink at my club? They are giving away antique leopard statues to the best-dressed couple…

Photographer: Paolo Zerbini

Hair: Lucio Ocria

Make-up: Giovanna Fucciolo


Franco B @Wonderwall

Marta P @MP Management

Shared from LUISAVIAROMA. Click to Read More.