The 1990’s was a period that fixated gazing eyes on the prolific rise of Tokyo’s Harajuku scene. At the helm were leading innovators and understudies of the iconic Bunka Fashion College including Nigo, Hiroshi Fujiwara and new kid on the block, Jun Takahashi.
Takahashi was in fact still a student at Bunka when he launched streetwear brand, Undercover. His first foray in taking steps on his own, the brand and himself as a designer have risen through the ranks, purveying the essence of ‘Japanese cool’ through the menswear spectrum.
Undercover is a world representative of its founder, with surrealist ideas and a dark rebellious spirit fragmented through an ongoing output of cult-like streetwear. The brand was born from the punk influence of Takahashi and prior to setting up Undercover he played in a tribute band named Tokyo Sex Pistols, taking inspiration from the British punk band – The Sex Pistols. This has cast a clear narrative for what his fashion ethos stands for and the motto ‘We Make Noise, Not Clothes’ is a sure statement of intent, inflicted through a sense of music and disruption.
Undercover has translated a world of influence and made it wearable – a concept of subculture that has been elevated in contemporary, flawless design. Each collection is designed from start to finish by Takahashi himself, emerging from whatever is preoccupying his mind at the time of creation.
The Undercover A/W 20 collection draws on an air of drama with clear reference to Akira Kurosawa’s 1957 adaptation of Macbeth, Throne of Blood. Graphic-laden T-shirts depicting the ‘Fallen Man’ and a heavy dosage of branding fuel the uncompromised dark colour palette that makes up Undercover’s garment collection.
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