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ModeStar | Inexplicably Fond

Jan 09 2017

Women’s affinity for beauty is woven in our DNA. When we were little, we’d sneak into mommy’s vanity and wear her nail polish or try on her high-heels. Every girl seems to have gone through this phase, as if it’s some kind of rite of passage in girlhood. It’s hard to explain. This issue’s ModeStar 早安小姐 went through the same phase as well. Little did she know that this inexplicable behavior was a sign of her future. It meant that when she grew up, she’s destined to fall in love with fashion. 

Personal Style

Comfortable Fashion

Ms. GoodMorning is a creature of comfort. Which means her style of dressing favors easy-to-wear fashion over rigid ensembles that leave you grimacing in pain. “No matter what you’re wearing, girls are most confident and beautiful when they are feeling comfortable,” says Ms. GoodMorning, “It is reflected on your expressions, your attitude, your aura; Comfortable clothes allow girls to radiate confidence from the inside. Beauty bred from confidence is irreplaceable.”

Sky-high heels are an addiction hard to shake, since they create instantaneous sky-high legs. But in favor of the freedom of big strides, Ms. GoodMorning rarely dons high heels. Even without the heel-elevation, she still manages to achieve the leggy model effect. 

That said, comfort and freedom isn’t a free pass to go mishmash crazy and completely forget about looking good. You can be cool and cozy. Ms. GoodMorning prefers oversize designs, which is all the craze this year. 

She may be known for her irreverent take on luxury, but Ms. GoodMorning’s style secret is in the details. Expressing her femininity and artistic taste through thoughtful detailing, she marries comfort with ornate design in seamless cohesion.

Style isn’t achieved through piling on a heap of big brands. You will end up missing the focal point. In an attire like that, the only statement you will be making is one of chaotic confusion. Ms. GoodMorning prefers Korean designs but infuses the look with a dash of European sophistication, thanks to a handbag or two from Celine or Prada. 


For most girls, shopping is the spice of life. The heart-fluttering excitement you experience when you catch sight of beautiful clothes is a feeling I cannot relate with more. Oh the feels!

Making a career of the things you love is one of the most thrilling and fulfilling endeavors imaginable. That’s exactly what Ms. GoodMorning set out to do. 

She’s a big fan of Korean fashion. So every season, Ms. GoodMorning travels to Seoul to dig for the latest and greatest in design. Hauling back her cache of tissue-wrapped goodies from atelier Korea, she thought of her friends in China, who adore the fashion fantasy in Korean dramas, but have no idea how to get their hands on them. Great things are meant to be shared. Collaborating with Korean buyers, Ms. GoodMorning decided to bring the Korean look to Chinese customers through direct mail. Kamsa unni! 

Oh love this blue fur coat!

For work, Ms. GoodMorning enjoys the process itself --- sharing beauty, dispersing beauty. “Every girl, no matter what life stage she’s at, can be beautiful. Beauty is a choice, not a talent you’re born with.” This is also Ms. GoodMorning’s attitude toward life. 

About ModeSens, Ms. GoodMorning said, “in addition to searching and comparing prices for luxury goods, ModeSens also has a social platform, allowing me to share and chat with thousands of like-minded people. This is particularly valuable.”

This issue’s ModeStar 早安小姐 is busily running her bustling career, sharing her fashion insights with a growing community of like-minded people, and enjoying life to the fullest. To live a life that most resembles oneself, is perhaps the greatest luxury of all. 


Watch this space for more exciting content from @早安小姐. 

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