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ModeStar|Dressconfidently Talks Body Confidence and Becoming the Most Beautiful Version of Herself

Jun 14 2017

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Fashion is inclusive.

Runway models are becoming increasingly diversified.

Beauty is no longer limited to the tall and slender.

Curvy girls also do high fashion.  

Unlike fashionistas who were born with the itch, Filipino fashion blogger @dressconfidently didn’t awaken to her fashion DNA until high school. Like most girls, she couldn’t resist the exquisite on-screen style of the American hit series Gossip Girl, and became infatuated with the forever changing trends of design. This year, dressconfidently founded her own blog Dress Confidently. There she shares her passion for fashion, infusing cutting-edge style into her daily life. Her blog has become a medium in realizing her fashion obsession.


Dressconfidently shows us that when you put on the cloak of confidence, you become the most beautiful version of yourself. 



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 Q&A for ModeStar @ dressconfidently

ModeSens:When did you fall in love with fashion? What has fashion brought to your life?

@dressconfidently:Unlike many people, I didn’t grow up loving fashion at the age of 5. It happened when my family moved to Guam and I caught an episode of Gossip Girl when I was junior in high school. Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen from the show were the reason I fell in love with fashion. If you have seen it, then the you know that the series is more than just the “gossip”. The It Girls of Manhattan were always showing the latest trend in fashion. They were always so gorgeous and glamorous! It was so captivating! At that point, I decided that I will live my life with a touch of fashion too. I wasn’t sure how but I was determined to do so.   

This year, I have started my blog, Dress Confidently, where I could finally share my fashion obsession and incorporate more of fashion into my daily life. It was a long time coming but I finally did it! Yayyy! Fashion brings out the creative side of me and it allows me to express myself. Although I love following the trend, I love putting my own twist to it too and make it “my style”   


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ModeSens:What is your ideal lifestyle

@dressconfidently:My ideal lifestyle is very simple. It is to live a happy and comfortable life with the people I love and have a livelihood I am passionate about. I am grateful to say that today, I live this life. I am deeply in love with my better half, John, who completely supports anything to everything that I set my path on. From the day I met him to this day, he has been my number one fan and supporter. Whenever I doubt myself, he is always right beside me telling me that, “Yes, I can do it!” When it comes to my career, although blogging is not my full-time job, being a Bank Business Development Officer is one of the many things I am also passionate about. What can I say, I am one of those lucky individuals who has the best of both worlds - in career and love   


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 ModeSens: As a seasoned fashionista, what do you like to purchase for yourself?

@dressconfidentlyWhen it comes to my buying habit, I have a mood called “seasonal obsession”. What it means is that I will keep purchasing the same type of items for weeks. For example, this month, I have been obsessing over woven purses! I think I just bought 5. The month before that, I was into statement earrings. Pretty much, whenever I see something pretty whether it’s trendy or not, I will try to purchase as much related items as my budget allows me to.    


Natalie Cape Sleeve Jacket

ModeSens: What does good fashion look like to you?

@dressconfidently: For me, good fashion means whatever outfit I feel my best self with. This doesn’t always have to fall under what’s currently trending. If I feel good then I look good. And when I look good, no one can knock down my self-confidence!    


Drew Small Shoulder Bag

ModeSens: What is your favorite brand? Who is your favorite designer?

@dressconfidently: My top favorite brands include Charlotte Russe, Forever21, NA-KD, Asos, Missguided and WindsorStore. Currently, my favorite designer is Rachel Roy. I love that her brand’s mission is about women empowerment!


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 ModeSens:What is your favorite personal style? Do you like to chase the trends or create your own style?   

@dressconfidently:I love mixing the current trend and my own style. My personal style is very feminine and romantic. You can almost never see me in jeans but more on dresses. My favorite personal style is a cute skirt paired with a blouse. Whenever I choose this style, I always make sure that I incorporate something that’s trendy. Lately, I have been wearing my old skirts and pairing it with off-the-shoulder top and Crispin drop earrings. 


Black Gold Button Skirt


Kya Macramé-Lace And Suede Sandals

ModeSens:What do you like to do in your spare time?

@dressconfidently:Besides fashion, fitness is also a big part of my life. Recently, I haven’t been as determined as I was before to stay fit but John has been motivating me to stay on top of it. I also love baking sweet treats and reading. I used to read a lot of novel but since I started my blog, I have been spending a lot of time reading and researching on informational books and articles to ensure the success of my blog and blog career.


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ModeSens: What fashion events are you interested in right now?

@dressconfidently:I am currently interested in attending the StyleCon in Dallas in September. It’s a conference that brings together a community of fashion and beauty lovers, digital influencers, style and tastemakers with exclusive brands to engage, discuss, follow and influence. Living in Guam, I haven’t met any other fashion bloggers. The StyleCon would be perfect to meet and connect with like-minded individuals that I can pull additional inspiration from. 

ModeSens: What was your first impression of ModeSens? How is it different from other platforms?

dressconfidently:Truthfully, at first, I had no idea what ModeSens was. Since I am fairly new to the blogging community, I had no idea that such platform exists where many of the brands I love are put together. It has been such a great delight to be able to search all through these products and share to my followers the best deals! 

Watch this space for more exciting content from@dressconfidently

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