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Never a Follower, Always True to Self

Mar 28 2017

He says,

He is a thinker.

In the realm of fashion

He’s reunited with an old friend.

Whenever we think of “the fashion-conscious man,” what comes to mind? Mature and charismatic like Pierce Brosnan? Or young and innocent like Lu Han? But no matter what the variation, we can’t seem to escape the cookie-cutter stereotype of stiff and uptight.

But this issue’s ModeStar @Gawain13 breaks the mold. This fashion-conscious man somehow rocks contrasts without breaking a sweat. On one side of the style divide, he goes for polished and mature. On the other, he brings funky athleisure to the table.  

There’s beauty in anger, and anger for me is passion.


                                                                  ——Alexander McQueen

Gawain’s style philosophy can be summed up in nine words: refuse to be ordinary, remain true to the self. Influenced by his mother’s fashionable genes since a young age, he believes whatever clothes you wear show what attitude you bring to life. Mixing multiple elements is one of Gawain’s signature moves. The overall result is natural and subtle.

Nightfall seems to bring with it a hint of wisdom and sophistication, as if whispering tales of the past into our ears. A classic 1980s vintage denim outfit seeps the playfulness of a bygone era. Sporty white sneakers add athleticism to the mix.

From day-to-day interactions, Gawain shows himself to be an interesting and humorous person. He may look “mature” but inside he’s a total kid. Outside of work, he likes to frequent the gym.

Unusual layering is a great way to express your taste. Here, Gawain uses deconstructed styles to disrupt convention and highlight principles of modern aesthetics.

Effortlessly cool. But occasionally he’ll throw on a military jacket for effect.

Being the favorite of family instilled an innate confidence in Gawain. In this outfit, soothing hues of gray emit Japanese-style lazy feels, and play up Gawain’s personality, “subdued yet edgy.”

But Gawain never shies away from playing with color, using bold contrasting shades to diminish heaviness renders the whole ensemble warm and welcoming.

When did you fall in love with fashion? What has fashion brought to your life?

Ever since I was little, I was into fashion. My mother was very stylish in her youth, and she enjoyed dressing me up. (Maybe all mothers love dressing up their kids.) I also have a very fashionable sister, who brought me along to a lot of funky shops when I was little. The clothes inside these shops were so imaginative, I didn’t know where to look. From there I fell in love with the pleasures of buying interesting clothes.

Fashion filled my life with creative energy. I enjoy mixing and matching, and sharing my style tips with friends and family. Watching them transform from ordinary people to people with a unique sense of style is very rewarding for me. Everyone became more confident through dressing better.

What is your ideal lifestyle?

A fun job and a carefree attitude toward life. Be kind to others.

What does good fashion look like to you?

I prefer to remain true to my own style. Because honestly not every trend from every year suits everyone. For example, the long-sleeve oversize sweatshirt that is all the rage recently doesn’t work for a lot of people. If you’re only five feet tall, don’t bother with this trend.

What is your favorite brand/designer?

My favorite brand and designer are both Alexander McQueen. Him and his designs are like an undercurrent in fashion, a comet that fell from the cosmos. (R.I.P.) Also, I prefer newer designers with independent, strong takes on style.

What’s your favorite style? Do you prefer to stay on trend or create your own style?

I don’t have a fixed style. But my friends feel the clothes I buy are very “individualistic.” I like to mix and match, particularly checkers and stripes. Also, I like to add a bit of darkness and humor into my outfits. 

I obviously belong in the category that likes to create their own looks. Chasing the trends or getting too weird aren’t my style.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to draw, listen to music, watch movies, read fashion websites, and indulge in everything related to the arts. And of course, chatting with friends.

You first impressions of ModeSens, how do think it differs from other platforms?

ModeSens is the most comprehensive price-comparison tool I’ve ever used. Its community function and professionalism are a step up from the competition. As someone who likes to shop a lot, I find the ModeSens page design and overall user experience very smooth and straightforward. When I’m shopping for my favorite brand, I can price-compare a lot of retailers at once, quickly discover the merchant offering the best price, and make the purchase. 

Also, I can share my street style photos in the ModeSens community, which allows me to connect and interact with other friends of fashion. 

Watch this space for more exciting content from @ Gawain13

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