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Shop in Italy by visiting!

Feb 26 2018

Shop in Italy by visiting!

As the world’s first online marketplace fully dedicated to Italian luxury multi-brand retailers,「italist」has enjoyed growth of up to 60x between February 2015 and February 2018. And here’s why italist does it better.

italist [(italisuto)] (, the world’s first online e-commerce shopping marketplace fully dedicated to Italian luxury multi-brand retailers, is fast-becoming a global leader in offering the latest high-end fashion products at the most affordable prices! Italist inc. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is managed by CEO Diego Abba.

Italist is the world’s first online marketplace fully dedicated to Italian luxury multi-brand retailers, selling products to more than 180 countries with revenue having drastically increased over 60x between February 2015 and February 2018. Moreover, the total number of unique products offered on italist’s platform has now reached to over 120,000 culminating with the 2018 S/S collections, all due to the company’s partnerships with more than 200 luxury boutique stores throughout Italy.

So, what makes italist so unique?:

Well, every fashion product that you see on italist’s platform, be it Fendi, Gucci, Dior or any other leading fashion brand, is currently on display in the storefronts of our partner luxury boutiques throughout all of Italy. In effect, when making a purchase through italist, you are buying directly from the local Italian fashion boutiques who have been collectively selling fashion products in Italy for decades! You will not only find limited edition items and fashion products from the latest, hard-to-find collections, but you will also enjoy prices that are up to 25% less than average retail prices!

Shop in Italy by visiting!:

Italian luxury fashion boutiques are one of a kind. You can find every luxury fashion brand imaginable, and perhaps even some of the unimaginable in Italy’s smaller cities. In addition, you will also find a large selection of fashion items from French and other top international fashion brands and designers, as well as their exclusive capsule collections that are available only in certain Italian boutiques. And just when you thought it doesn’t get better than that– their prices are typically the lowest in the world.

Now remember, making a purchase in storefront retail shops entails a 22% value-added tax (VAT).

You may ask: “Can’t we get our VAT reimbursed as tourists?” Yes, you can…if you don’t mind standing in long airport customs lines with cumbersome documentation in hand all to receive a simple stamp. To make things worse, some have reported that although they carefully followed all of the VAT reimbursement procedures, the VAT refund just doesn’t work out – how frustrating! This is not to mention that once you finally arrive home, the item(s) you purchased actually doesn’t fit as well as you thought or you frankly just changed your mind. For a lot of people, the headache is just not worth the precious time, effort and sometimes extra dollars being risked.

Why italist is better?:

Our platform is customized and maintained to the highest of standards. With today’s rapidly changing and fast-paced world, italist is constantly mindful of the importance of saving time and money. Imagine being able to directly browse through and shop among a wide variety of Italian boutiques’ inventory listings which are comprised of over 800 luxury fashion brands, atop 120,000 individual products. It’s like shopping in the streets of Italy, only simpler and easier for you via an accessible, online platform that virtually organizes an efficient, seamless shipping process – all in one site.

italist will continue to invest in the growth of its global business and will work to further improve its service to bring ever greater joy to its growing number of customers the world over!

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Established:October 3, 2014