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Shopping|All That Glitters: The Best Jewelries and Accessories for Summer

Jun 22 2017

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

The blistering heat of summer make it impossible even for style stars to pretend like it’s not hot. When it comes to outfits, they are peeling off layers. Less is more. Which means that this is the moment where you must rely on eye-catching accessories to cast the spell.

Whether it’s a bracelet, ring, necklace, hat or sunglasses, their charming silhouettes are the things that will give your outfit extra edge. If it’s done right, these chic little details will produce the most game-changing effects.    

Cocktail Rings

You can interpret cocktail rings as a band with a huge gemstone on it. They are bold, flamboyant, and colorful little pieces of magic. Looking at all the major awards shows, film screenings, press events or fashion parties, it’s not hard to spot celebrities flaunting statement rings on their fingers. The rings’ expressive and unrestrained silhouette coupled with a hint of high glamour suggest a multicultural, multi-faceted soul. These epic extras add a touch of sophistication and whimsical surprise to stuffy, boring workwear. Transition from daytime to nighttime with a spaghetti strap dress, and polish off the look with a splendid cocktail ring.    

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Gold & Multicolor Double Stone Ring   

 $137 USD

The contrasting shades of azure blue and wine red strike a lasting impression. Two raw stones set in a single ring belong in a class of its own.    

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Statement Ring with Semi-Precious Stone   

 $141 USD

A gold snake coiled around an amethyst adds a hint of mystery and mischief to your party night shenanigans.   

Metallic Geometric Statement Rings

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Orbit Oval Ring   

 $103 USD

Gold metallic rings are a must-have in every girl’s jewelry box. But compared to ordinary gold bands, these oversize rings give added oomph. All eyes on deck will be orbiting your oval.    


Whether it’s day or night, earrings are eternally classic jewels. Whatever the price point, size, or design, earrings always deserve space in your collection. A pretty sparkly thing on the ear brings a dazzling finish. 

You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you. – Audrey Hepburn

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Palm Tree Silver-Tone Crystal Earrings    

 $56 USD

Asymmetrical earrings have been in the spotlight for almost two years. Mixing and matching a bunch of irregular and interrelated earrings is a great way to channel your inner cool!

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Rubberized Triangle Earrings   

 $12 USD

Millennial pink is back. This time in rubber. The triangular shape and the dazzling crystal in the center seem like a shy girl looking for her moment to shine, quirky and fun.    

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Small Square Stud Earrings   

 $27 USD

The understated luxury of black stud earrings is a jewelry staple. Grab them while they are on sale. These modern and chic squares will come in handy one day.    

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Mirrored-Sunglasses-Lens Earrings   

 $240 USD

Innovative lens material and exaggerated design from Balenciaga. The bluish purple hue lends a visual cooling effect, which makes the earrings perfect for the blistering heat of summer. ModeSens editors already can’t take our eyes off of them. 

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Resin Bracelet   

 $265 USD

Multiple geometric shapes featuring multicolored hues, this is a chunky bracelet that screams urban sophistication. When making a clothing pairing, choose something simple to avoid overwhelming the outfit.    


Bangles are cosmo girls’ favorite accessory. Their enormous shape easily attract attention, acting as the perfect spokesperson for personal style. Metallic is a chic hue representative of city life, combine that with wide design, the bangle gives off a natural vibe of colorful adventure and a sense of place. No matter how ordinary your outfit, a metallic bangle bracelet brings the spotlight to you. 

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Holiday Color Two-Tone Leather Bangle Bracelet   

 $52 USD

Polished metal combined with textured leather adds a flavor of expensive taste to an already extravagant bracelet. If slipping into a DVF wrap dress isn’t perfect enough, then clasp on a leather bangle to elevate the look. 

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Ollie Black Spinel & White Topaz Livi Cuff Bracelet   

 $49 USD

Fluid geometric lines of this golden metallic bangle make it a chic complement to outfits of all seasons. Its classic simplicity is never out of style. Snatch it up while it’s on sale.

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Gold-Tone Howlite Bracelet   

 $112 USD

Howlite bracelets have always been an evergreen accessory in the world of fashion. Especially in the summer, a howlite bangle or necklace will add a pop of color to your basic camisole or white tee, looking especially bright and fun. Ps. Other than its fashionable function, howlite also has healing effects.

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

Not to mention that howlite and bohemian style are a pair born in heaven.    

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Runway Fall 15 Feather Palm Cuff   

 $35 USD

Feather is a frequent element in luxury jewelry. This cuff is unique from ordinary bracelets in that it’s not worn on the wrist, but worn on the back of the palm. Sexy.  

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Toquilla Straw Panama Hat   

 $81 USD

Summer is incomplete without a panama straw hat. Whether you are going to the beach or not, it is a wardrobe staple for fending off those UV rays while showing off your summer style. $64 for an authentic panama hat is a wonderful deal. Satin ribbon adds a hint of elegance. 

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Wax 4 Sunglasses   

 $95 USD

If we could only make a single recommendation for summer sunglasses, it would be this pair of vintage half lens shades. Not only is it because they are the hottest thing in town at the moment, but also because they are a street style essential before the fashion darlings even think about stepping out of the door.   

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

From left to right:Karlie Kloss /Kendall Jenner /Gigi Hadid

Men Accessories

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Floral-Printed Silk Tie   

 $72 USD

Floral pattern blooms across this elegant tie of exotic turquoise. Vintage and classy. Perfect for the yuppie gentleman. 70% off makes this silky number a great buy.   

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Silver Dominatrix Skull Necklace   

 $136 USD

Alexander McQueen’s signature carved skull pendant is an old classic. Slip it on for immediate Rock and Roll feels and an air of mystery only found in skulls.   

ModeSens 捡漏区|炎炎夏日怎能少一件硬货配饰来吸睛! 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Black Studded Bracelet   

 $57 USD

Simple bracelet with double row studs in black. Wild and untamed.  

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