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Spice Up Your Life with a Creative Wardrobe

Mar 02 2017

This issue’s ModeStar @NanaHuang, majored in applied sciences and is now a computer programmer. When she was in school, she dressed, well, rather simply. But it wasn’t due to laziness or because she didn’t want to look beautiful. It was mostly to fit into the engineering crowd. During the weekdays she maintains her laid back, casual look. On the weekends is when she makes her big transformations. To @NanaHuang, researching fashion and creating her own style adds a little spice into her life. 

NanaHuang Style

Even though the most important thing in fashion to is develop a style unique to yourself, nobody said that you can only stick with one signature look. Nana likes to experiment with different styles, from Japanese kawaii to city chic. How would you know what works for you without trying it out?

Off the shoulder lace camisole with layered ruffles—seductive yet adorable and sweet.

Solid white tees are a wardrobe staple. Pair it with the trending high-rise, wide-leg, cropped pants to create a vintage, carefree style that makes for one comfortable ensemble. 

A simple A-line skirt shows off your tiny waist. There’s no need to sweat too much about what to pair it with. Best suited for everyday wear. 

Like most of us, NanaHuang has also made some mistakes in the process of finding her own style. After mimicking and chasing the trends, NanaHuang realized that whatever suits her is the most fashionable.

NanaHuang & ModeSens

When Nana was looking for a pair of shoes from Sergio Rossi, she couldn’t find them in brick and mortar stores. Mining through online shops one by one was way too time consuming. A friend recommended ModeSens and Nana decided to give it a try. She really was able to find the shoes she was looking for on ModeSens. Even though the color was slightly different than what she had in mind, she bought them anyway. This was a huge help, and Nana immediately recommended ModeSens to friends who love sites such as Haitao. 

Other than the social media function, her favorite function on ModeSens is the search engine. As someone who can’t resist the urge once she hears of a new product recommendation, ModeSens makes it easy to search for the products and compare prices at the same time.

This issue’s ModeStar @NanaHuang found her style after continuous experimentation.

Watch this space for more exciting content from @NanaHuang

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