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The Chic Code

Feb 07 2017

Take a wild guess at what this girl does for a living? ▼


Internet celebrity?

2nd generation rich?


This girl is a computer programmer. 

Here’s another pic for you to get a better grasp of reality.

This issue’s ModeStar @ChicDev, Chen Qian Wen.

The chic software developer who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. 

ChicDev Style

The first rule of fashion is to understand what styles are true to you. That includes knowing what shapes are flattering on your body type, and what styles reflect your personality. Be it your inner rocker, goddess, tomboy, whatever it is, you gotta let your inner child out to play, somehow. ChicDev doesn’t like to chase trends. Her style combinations may be simple, but they are always thoughtful. 

Who said programmers only sport the blasé look of t-shirt, Gore-Tex, plaid shirts and Crocs? This chic developer has curated her own artful wardrobe. For client meetings, she’ll pair a stripy tee with a lace skirt. The key to making a tee look appropriate for work is to pick one that isn’t too thin or transparent. If you want to leave the dual impression of intelligence and charisma, you have to do it like this. 

When it comes to denim, whether you like it raw or washed to supple perfection, it anchors the casual ensemble. ChicDev shows denim on denim can be ridiculously chic. A splash of red lends a pop surprise in the sea of cobalt blue.

Denim jacket and workout jeans? Never have I ever made a pairing like this. A high, swingy ponytail makes the look fun and flirty while bursting with youthful energy. This is not all, have you spotted the highlight of the outfit? (Hint: next to the hair flying in the wind.)

[I love the bag!]

ChicDev loooves the casual look, but she’ll never limit herself when it comes to style. Stepping into a pair of high heels, and foiled in a lengthy blazer, she effortlessly transforms from Silicon Valley developer to ultra-sexy femme fatale.

Wide-leg pants have been all the craze for well over a year. Dressing them with a biker jacket? News to my ears. The result? Vintage swagger.


Designer, Fashion Blogger

This Shanghai girl was a business major in China. In 2008, her third year of uni, she transferred to an American university, studying IT systems. Following her bachelor’s degree, she entered Carnegie Mellon University’s prestigious Master’s in Computer Science program, which ranks third in the country.

After graduation, @ChicDev stayed in Pittsburgh, working for a start-up developing the iOS app for American Eagle. She made the move to San Francisco a couple of years ago, joining Vlocity (a prominent player in the industry, and founded by pioneers of cloud computing in the life sciences – Veeva) as a software developer.

But, how did she veer off the path of computer programming?

ChicDev’s childhood dream was to become a fashion designer. She pays close attention to style and enjoys the process of creating unusual looks. The elegance and fashion sensibility of the French are particularly influential to her. All French women seem to possess the universal birthright to “effortlessly chic” regardless if they were born beautiful. They are generous with time, money and energy in the quest for beauty, because looking sloppy is, quite simply, bad etiquette.

When a software developer dreams of becoming a fashion designer, she doesn’t stop at developing code, she develops street style fashion shoots. 

ChicDev and ModeSens got to know each other through these street style fashion shoots. “I started sharing photos on ModeSens Moments, exchanging thoughts and “Likes” with friends who also love fashion. Having this active community is a delightful experience. Also, ModeSens can be used as a search engine. Through ModeSens, I can find lots of designer sales events on all the major global e-commerce sites. It’s pretty convenient.” 

“Dressing right is more important than what you are wearing,” ChicDev says. Understanding what suits oneself and what is occasion-appropriate remain at the core of her style philosophy. Also, ChicDev wants the world to know IT girls love to be beautiful too!

Aside from fashion, travel and photography also fuel her think tank. Capturing beautiful moments with her camera, and sharing the most amazing sights from around the world bring her immense pleasure. Traveling, eating, drawing, and reading are the pillars of her pleasure profile. Without any of these things, life would be incomplete.

[Have I mentioned this already? LOVE this slouchy bag!]

ModeStar @ChicDev knows how to begin from the details and present to the world the most graceful, beautiful version of herself. No matter what profession you’re in, or what background you come from, you too can have a dreamy love affair with fashion.

Watch this space for more exciting content from @ChicDev .

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