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The style rules Seoul-based DJ Soma Kim swears by

Sep 08 2020

The style rules Seoul-based DJ Soma Kim swears by

As one of the faces of NET-A-PORTER’s fall/winter ’20 campaign, musician and visual artist SOMA KIM – otherwise known as Arexibo – is passionate about expressing herself, be it through fashion or music. So it should come as no surprise to learn that the genre-defying creative’s look is just as distinctive as her sound. These are her style rules…

“I’ve always loved dressing up – ever since I was a little kid. I actually went through stages of wanting to be a fashion editor and designer when I was in high school; making my own clothes is still something I’d love to master. I used to spend hours trawling the internet trying to find artists and designers that resonated with me. Nowadays, my style is pretty eclectic. The most important thing for me is that each look has the perfect balance of elements, whether it be feminine and masculine or statement and subdued. The only thing I wouldn’t wear is a super-long, girly dress; I’m the sort of person who is constantly on the move, running around town or having fun at a party, so they just don’t work for me.”

“It’s so difficult to choose an all-time-favorite designer, but there are a few names that feature on my wish list every season. Looking at Jacquemus’ dream-like shows and romantic pieces never fails to transport me. Then, on the flipside, I love Helmut Lang for its bold yet understated designs. At the moment I’m on the hunt for some really cool vegan boots.”

Fashion is one of the easiest ways to express your world view… I dress for myself and myself alone

“In my opinion, fashion is one of the easiest ways to express your world view; it can be very political. I dress for myself and myself alone. When it comes to clothes and beauty, there’s a lot of pressure on young Korean women to look a certain way – like super-thin, polished K-pop stars. I don’t subscribe to that standard of beauty, which is why I’m really low-key when it comes to hair and makeup. I dress for my mood – that might mean one day I’m in a tracksuit and the next I’m in sequins.”

“Working in music hasn’t had a direct influence on the way I dress, but gigging is a great excuse to buy new clothes! I always wear all-white when I’m DJing – it’s like a blank canvas. I don’t want my look to detract from the music. Having a ‘uniform’ also helps me to get into the right headspace when I perform; plus it creates a certain mood for the audience. When it comes to style, Rihanna and FKA Twigs always do it for me. It’s not just because they’re also in music – although their work is amazing – it’s their attitude. They’re so inspiring.”

Seoul is the cultural center of South Korea… and that definitely comes through in the way I dress. The city is a constant inspiration to me

“I’m not actually a Seoul native – I moved here to study fine art at university and never left. My hometown is Daegu, a city further south. Seoul is BY FAR the biggest city in Korea, but, to me, moving here wasn’t just about studying or finding a good job; Seoul is also the cultural center of South Korea, and being here means I’m so much more aware of what’s going on in fashion, art and music – and that definitely comes through in the way I dress. The city is a constant inspiration to me.”

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