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Uncover Loro Piana’s secret to effortless summer style

Jun 27 2020

Uncover Loro Piana’s secret to effortless summer style

At this Italian heritage house, splendor lies in the luxe fabrics and finer details

The beauty of summer style lies in its simplicity. Lightweight fabrics, clean lines and uncomplicated yet striking pieces are the hallmarks of an understated yet elevated summer closet. One brand that wholly embodies this laid-back but polished approach is Italian heritage house Loro Piana.

Nonchalant elegance seems innate to Italians, and they are renowned for always dressing with flair, yet somehow doing so with insouciance. It is exactly this sense of easy chic that threads together the label’s summer 2020 collection. And, it is the impeccable attention to detail that is pored into each and every piece that celebrates the house’s revered level of craftsmanship. Getting dressed becomes a sensory experience, as the sumptuous fabrics caress the skin, flatter the form and call to mind fond summer memories. When it comes to construction, the label is revered for its acute attention to detail, and often it is as specific as the exactitude of a pocket’s positioning, for example, that demonstrates the brand’s artistry.

Each piece makes a subtle statement and reminds us that certain items of clothing have the power to transport us spiritually and emotionally…

But these pieces don’t just look and feel great – importantly, they are made to last, meaning you can wear them for seasons to come, filling every fiber with unforgettable summer days. This latest collection particularly speaks to sublime sophistication with a cool twist. The collection notes spoke of “clothing that moulds with the individual”, and indeed, this latest offering is filled with distinctive flair. Defined by rich shades inspired by nature – from the unmistakable earthy tones of a Mediterranean sunrise to the cooler nuances of the sunset, offset by sandy neutrals and crisp whites – each piece makes a subtle statement and reminds us that certain items of clothing have the power to transport us spiritually and emotionally, too.

Blending traditionality with state-of-the-art technology, the brand’s high-end pieces are perfect for low-key days, too, when you want to look and feel your very best. By distilling the very essence of effortlessness into a collection of versatile and luxurious closet essentials, the house is deeply in tune with modern women’s sartorial needs. So, indulge in Loro Piana’s secret to effortless summer style…

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