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May 26 2021


Discover the sights and sounds of color. Creative directors David and Anna of design archive Pink Essay take us on a color coded audio-visual journey inspired by an eclectic mix of design and interiors.

“This playlist was inspired by the soothing green of slow morning spaces: a fresh day, waking up slowly, morning dew. We drew from our archive to share images of pieces and spaces that bring gentleness and a sense of calm.” – David & Anna

The Real World by Drugdealer & Sheer Agony

“We love how this bathroom is so funky and yet completely serene and comfortable. Imagine yourself brushing your teeth, dancing slowly in the triangle mirror..”

Image: @lavorist

Fogo do Sol by Marcos Valle

“Continuing on the theme of a slow morning, this track reminds us of a long bath, like the one in this photo. Surrounded by a lush jungle of house plants, you sink in and let the bubbles take over.”

グッド ・ラック by Shintaro Sakamoto

“This song is perfect for just straight lounging, listening and noticing the world around you. We love how this chair is so light and yet feels like a little vortex you could sink into.”

Image: @komplot_brussels

“This playlist was drawn from the joy and promise of the afternoon, as golden light fills our homes and we find ourselves filled with creativity.” – David & Anna

Hold On (I Was Wrong) by Video Age

“Coming down the stairs, you’re filled with a burst of energy and a bounce in your step. What will the afternoon bring?”

Image: @ettoresottsass @george_sowden

It Runs Through Me by Tom Misch & De La Soul

“This song is the color of butter. It feels truly golden - sitting outside, just enjoying the sunlight.”


Stormy by Gabor Gzabo

“After some time inside, you stroll to the threshold to people watch, enjoying the sounds and sights of the warm afternoon.”

Image: @foreversone

“This playlist was inspired by the time just after twilight, as the sky deepens to a mystical blue. Day turns to night and the drinks swirl. Outside, you see the city light up as the sun sets.” – David & Anna

Right Here, Right Now by Shinichiro Yokota

“This song reminds of post-dinner bliss. Chairs are pushed back and the music is turned up.”

Image: @bizarrecolumns

Midnight Special by Psychic Mirrors

“The lamps are lit low, bring the room into a sense of endlessness and rhythm.”

Image: @decorhardcore

Savoir Faire by Chic

“The night begins to wind down. Outside the stars are out, and the warm air feels lush and deep. This song plays in the background, through the glass of the sliding doors.”

Image: @diabolikill