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De Islas is the collaboration of two artists creating original hand-drawn patterns. Our aesthetic emphasizes the hand-drawn quality through collaborative illustration. We are motivated to make imagery that is meaningful to us, that can be employed in a tangible way. As we explore mixing our artistic visions, we want the outcome to go beyond the confines of gallery walls. Starting out on the drawing board and ending in rolls of fabric, we are attracted to this format's potential as a versatile and functional resource for designers and consumers alike. Our own collection of limited edition ready-to-wear debuts ten patterns in three of our staple apparel materials: 100% Cotton Poplin, Cotton Silk, and a very fine knit Jersey for T-shirts. De Islas Summer clothing is a combination of simple wear covered with creative artwork, turning everyday basic items into an attraction. We also offer our designs in a high-quality 100% Cotton fabric available by yardage, perfect for creating your own projects. We believe that a direct relationship between artist and consumer encourages originality applicable from art to craft to merchandise. By committing ourselves to provide unique patterns printed on high quality materials, we hope to inspire you to explore your own creations with our fabrics. Let us know how you wear or use De Islas! Salu!


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