Frequently Asked Questions

About ModeSens

What is ModeSens?

We are the luxury shopping experience for the style-informed.

At ModeSens, we are committed to being the smart, digital shopping assistant. With our unique platform and trusted merchant relationships, our technology eliminates the disconnection of online and offline shopping to help our customers make the most informed purchase. From discovery to delivery, we provide a trusted, network-driven service that seamlessly connects our clients with the top global luxury products, brands and retailers in our ever-growing community.

As we look to the future, we are actively developing new technology that continues to break barriers and take frustration out of shopping with just one click.

How is ModeSens different from a store?

ModeSens is the premiere digital shopping assistant for the smart and informed. With our advanced technology, aggregation model and trusted merchant relationships, our platform pulls from the racks of luxury multi-brand retailers and flagship fashion houses to connect consumers with their favorite pieces.

Our growing partnerships with more than 11,000 luxury brands provides us with the trusted resources and the right capabilities to act as the reliable digital shopping assistant. ModeSens gives consumers a clear and easy route to the right product information at the right time, so they can choose where and when to buy.

At ModeSens, we believe in the beauty of discovery, and we aim to create a community of like-minded individuals who are inspired by fashion and driven by technology, just like us.

Does ModeSens have a mobile app?

ModeSens has an iOS app available from the app store. Visit to download the app. Use your regular ModeSens login on the app to enjoy the full benefits. We highly recommend the app to make shopping even easier.

Pro Tip! See something you like while browsing the web on your phone? Simply copy the link. When you open your ModeSens app, the product, along with every detail you could want to know, will be the first thing to pop up on your screen. Yes, it's that easy.

What is the return/exchange policy?

The retailer that you place your order with will be your point of contact should you need to make any returns or exchanges.

Be sure to have your order number, as well as the product name, ready when you contact the retailer to exchange or return. Also, be sure to hold onto the package, packing list and receipt. Return instructions are usually included in the package from the retailer.

Where can I find information regarding shipping?

All shipping logistics are in the hands of our retail partners. Please contact the retailer directly to make amendments to your shipping information. Keep in mind that in some cases changes are not always possible.

You can find the contact information for the retailer's customer service team on your confirmation email, or by visiting their website.

How to join ModeSens

How do I invite friends?

You can invite friends if you are logged into your ModeSens account. Simply hover over your profile image/icon and select "Invite Friends" in the dropdown menu.

You can also access the form here:

What is My Closet?

What is a closet on ModeSens?

My Closet is your own personal, digital closet. Here you can curate Collections, save Looks and manage your Wish List.

To access My Closet simply hover over your profile icon/image and select "My Closet" in the dropdown menu.

Visit the ModeSens Community to view the Closets of others, including our partner retailers, brands and users like you!

How do I own an item in my closet?

My Closet can contain items added to a Collection or items added to your Wish List. Product can be added to either anywhere you see the "plus" or "bell" icons near a product image. You can also add an item to a Collection by clicking the "Add to Collection" button on a product page.

How can I share items with my friends?

There are two ways to share items on ModeSens.

First, you can create a Look. To learn how to create a Look visit our "How do I upload a Look" FAQ here.

Second, you can share a Collection by visiting My Closet and selecting the Publish button.

ModeSens Looks

What are ModeSens Looks?

Looks are images uploaded by ModeSens users. Each Look has links to the products shown in the image. Click on the product links to view details about each product or make a purchase.

How do I upload my Looks?

First, search for the product on ModeSens. Once you have found the product, click through on the product. Once on the product page, make sure your Look contains the same color and style as what you see on the page. After confirming, scroll down to the Looks section of the page. Click on "Share My Look". This will open a pop up where you can upload an image to show off your Look on the product page and within the ModeSens Community.

ModeSens real time updates

What are product updates?

ModeSens users can set price drop alerts, product availability alerts and new product alerts.

Product availability alerts include new stores carrying a product, last store carrying a product, additional size availability and back in stock messages. These alerts can be setup on a ModeSens product page and managed in your Wish List.

New product alerts include new arrival notifications from specific designers. These alerts can be setup and managed on the ModeSens Designers page.

What are social notifications?

Members of the ModeSens Community can receive notifications about new Looks, new followers, Look likes and Look comments.

How do I unsubscribe from all email updates?

You can manage your contact preferences or unsubscribe from email newsletters by logging into your account. Hover over your profile image/icon and select "Settings" in the dropdown menu.

To unsubscribe, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and select "Unsubscribe from all emails" in order to be removed from the ModeSens email list. Note that this will remove you from product and social notification emails as well.

Other FAQs

How do I update my privacy settings?

To update your settings, click on your profile image/icon and select "Settings" in the dropdown menu. Scroll down to "Privacy" to adjust your settings. Your Closet visibility can be set to Public, ModeSens Users Only or Private.

How do I start setting up my closet?

Start shopping! When you see an item you would like to add to your Closet, click the "Add to Collection" icon to being building your first collection.
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For best iOS experience, download 'ModeSens' from app storeFor best iOS experience, download 'ModeSens' from app store