Frequently Asked Questions

About ModeSens

What is ModeSens?

ModeSens is a free, digitized, personal shopping platform for premium designer products. It provides integrated shopping information and a complete shopping experience that covers discovery, follow-up, purchase, and sharing. By combining the power of artificial intelligence into a fashion knowledge platform, ModeSens aims to make your shopping experience luxuriously simple.

How is ModeSens different from a store?

We don't sell you a thing. ModeSens combines store collections, to give you the largest online catalog of designer products all in one place.

Does ModeSens have a mobile app?

Yes! ModeSens now has an iOS app available from the app store. Visit

What is the return/exchange policy?

Returns are made to the store that you buy the products from.

Who is responsible for shipping? Is there a cost for shipping?

The store you purchase your items from will take care of shipping.

How to join ModeSens

Why is ModeSens invitation only?

ModeSens is a unique, digitized, luxury personal shopping platform available to select fashion-lovers. By limiting the number of people the service is available to, the ModeSens team is able to focus on making sure that each fashion lover is able to have a simple, luxurious shopping experience.

How do I get an invitation to join ModeSens?

The fastest way to join ModeSens is to have a friend who has a ModeSens account send you an invite. To request an invitation on your own, please follow this link:

What is My Closet?

What is a closet on ModeSens?

A closet is a collection of your ‘likes’ ‘wants’ and ‘owns’ available under the ‘My Closet’ tab in the navigation bar. From the closet you can review your products and invite friends to follow your closet.

What's different between like, want, and own?

Liking a product saves it to your ‘likes’ tab inside your personal closet. Wanting a product saves the product under the ‘wants’ tab in your closet, and sends you customizable email updates about the product's availability and price. To move a product under the owns tab, you must upload a look of the product.

How do I own an item in my closet?

To claim ownership of an item in your closet, first search for the product, and then upload a Look from the product page. Make sure your uploaded Look contains the same color and style as the product page you upload it to.

How can I share items with my friends?

In addition to the three mobile closets that can be shared, ModeSens fashion lovers are encouraged to post pictures of their favorite looks, called ‘ModeSens Looks’. These looks can be seen and ‘liked’ by other users. Each of these looks includes a link to the products featured in each moment.

ModeSens Looks

What are ModeSens Looks?

Looks are styles uploaded by ModeSens fashion lovers. Each Look has links to the products shown, so you can purchase directly from the merchants carrying the products.

How do I upload my Looks?

First, search for the product, and then upload a Look from the product page. Make sure your uploaded Look contains the same color and style as the product page you upload it to.

ModeSens real time updates

What kind of updates does ModeSens have?

ModeSens has social notifications and product updates.

What are social notifications?

ModeSens will notify you when you receive a new follower, or when there is activity from someone you are following.

What are product updates?

One of the most powerful features of ModeSens: when you choose to Get Updates on a product, we will notify you of better prices for that product, stores with only one of that product remaining, or "back in stock" updates for that product. These updates cover information from every stores at once. Also, you can subscribe to a designer to receive updates on new arrivals.

How do I unsubscribe from all email updates?

To unsubscribe from email alerts, select ‘My Profile’. At the bottom of the page, there is a red button, ‘Unsubscribe from all emails’.

Other FAQs

How do I set privacy settings?

Select ‘My Profile’ under the personal drop down menu in the upper right corner of the page. Or follow this link: Your closet can be set to public, available to only ModeSens fashion lovers, or private.

How do I start setting up my closet?

Start by browsing our array of designer shoes and bags. When you select a style, you will be able to sort the shoes into one of three mobile closets: likes, wants, and owns.
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For best iOS experience, download 'ModeSens' from app store

For best iOS experience, download 'ModeSens' from app store