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Australian born natural beauty brand Aesop brings you its shampoo to help imbue your tresses with a new lease of life. The non perturbing formula is suitable for most hair types and leaves your locks lightly conditioned, refreshed and soft, even with frequent uses. And, to invigorate your mood as it turns the shower steam into an aromatic cloud, it's fragranced with citrus bergamot, frankincense and cedar atlas. Aesop shampooApplication: Pour a small amount of shampoo into your hands then massage onto wet scalp. Rinsecarefully and squeeze out excess water before applying Aesop ConditionerRecycled packagingSkin type: AllVeganCruelty free100ml

Aesop Shampoo 100ml
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First seen in Mar 2022
First seen in Mar 2022
Aesop Shampoo 100ml

Shampoo 100ml

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