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ModeSens is a new fashion shopping platform providing shoppers with a personalized and connected online shopping experience.

At ModeSens, the aggregation of designer products across diverse sources serves as our core. Combining data integration, targeted services, and social media, our intelligent platform helps curate a personalized shopping experience. Our customers save time and money in their search for quality products.

ModeSens has partnered with over 100 top fashion merchants globally, more than 1000 top designers around the world, and features millions of integrated product SKUs serving 35 countries.

ModeSens strives to help fashion bloggers convert their content and traffic into cash. Through careful observation of each customer’s taste and behavior, we maximize the conversion rate and the amount of commission paid out to our fashion influencers.

Your Influence to Cash

  • Traffic to cash: Receive commission when a customer lands on ModeSens from your link and makes a purchase at any partner merchant within 30 days.
  • Content to cash: Publish Looks, blogs, or collections on ModeSens. If a customer clicks on a link in your post and makes a purchase within 30 days, you will receive a commission.

Commission rate ranges from 5-40% depending on the merchant and different promotional events.

Seamless Instagram Integration

ModeSens provides a solution to help your Instagram followers shop easily from your styles. Most importantly, your referral counts even if a user switches devices after logging into ModeSens.

Why Join ModeSens Influencer Affiliation

  • One-stop-shop connecting you with over 100 global fashion sites like NAP, Neiman, MatchesFashion, Farfetch, Saks, etc.
  • 10 times the click boost of the traffic you bring in and an extended commission period to increase your chances of income.
  • Curated experience for each customer based on their behavior to increase customer purchase rate and maximize your commission.
  • Cross-device tracking: your commission counts even if the user switches to different devices after he/she logs into ModeSens.
  • Seamless social integration to help you better convert your influence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Weibo, Weixin, and more.
  • Boost your global influence with ModeSens's millions of unique monthly visitors. If you have good content, we will promote you as a ModeStar on ModeSens!

*According to our statistics with existing bloggers, within 30 days, a single click to ModeSens can result in an average of 10 clicks to partner e-commerce sites from ModeSens.

Influencer Eligibility

  • You are a fashion blogger, or a fashion buyer, or have your own website.
  • Or you have a fan base on Wechat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or other social network.
  • Or you have high quality fashion photos or articles.
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A world of fashion, powered by technology. ModeSens pulls from the racks of 11,000+ luxury brands, aggregating every product at the item level for a seamless, transparent and secure shopping experience

As a ModeSens Shopper You Can:
  • Find the best price from over 150+ stores
  • Keep track of what you want to buy
  • Be the first to know when something you want goes on sale
  • Share your style and connect with others
  • Shop like a pro with ModeSens Shopping Assistant
  • Enjoy exclusive perks and protection with our membership program
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