Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs Mischief Bag Midnight Mischief Canvas Bag-For-Life Tote in NavyMidnight Mischief Canvas Bag-For-Life Tote in Navy

Our Liberty London tote bag is the perfect place to stash your festive haul a reusable bag for life, crafted from natural cotton canvas and decorated with our delightful Midnight Mischief print for Christmas 2018.This everyday bag for life is made from natural cotton canvas, featuring a gusset and side panels for added durability just the thing for toting books, food market shopping and on-the-go finds. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic options, this tote is stylish enough to carry all your parcels and packages. It features our Midnight Mischief print created by the in-house design studio to express the magic of the season, this lively conversational print depicts a menagerie of enchanted creatures, who come alive at night from their carvings to cause mischief in the store.


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