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It was Springtime in New York. Two friends, who were also veterans of the fashion industry, were having a heart-to-heart. Behind a thin veil of glamour, they agreed much of their industry was dirty and impractical. Even though there had been a shift toward mindfulness, many brands were claiming “sustainability” just to cash in on the “green trend.” The friends fantasized about quitting fashion altogether. But what if, they asked each other, they could make a brand that strived to do good, to salve some of the things that were broken, not just in the industry, but in their global communities?
It was just a silly dream, full of good intentions. But a few days later, when one of the friends told his wife, an artist and designer, about their conversation, she started making sketches. She took a word from the conversation that stuck out to her—amendments—and wrote down another one of her own invention: AMENDI.