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LN-CC is a progressive, innovative and conscious retail concept. Existing in both a physical store space, housed within an art based installation and an online store that echoes the same attention to detail and forward thinking approach, LN-CC presents its own individual interpretation of luxury, redefining the perception of modern retailing in a personally curated and considered way.

Fulfilling the need for a creative retail concept that didn’t already exist, LN-CC offers a novel interpretation, constantly pushing its own boundaries in expression, integrity and honesty. Its offering; an entity that houses a unique mix of goods that are chosen and presented in a personable way, each item connecting back to the core of the brands original conception and the individuals behind it.

Featuring an international selection of brands from mainline designers through to young new talent, LN-CC is proud to also present a conscious offering of brands that are advancing the importance and technology in a field of eco aware items with an expression and environmental impact like no other. this feeling and vision carries throughout the whole concept from the product, the re-cycled shop fit and the all natural drinks offering in the LN-CC bar and club space.


LN-CC: Enjoy 15% off new collections. code LN-AFF-NEW15

Enjoy 15% off new collections. code LN-AFF-NEW15

Starts on 09/19/2022