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Taylor Morris Eyewear
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Welcome to Taylor Morris Eyewear and thank you so much for choosing to visit our website and find out more about our adventure and journey in realising our dream.
We first discussed designing a sunglass collection way back in 2009. Charlie and I were already best friends and working in London at the infamous Chinawhite Club. We were in charge of marketing and also making sure the club ran like clock work. This however also meant that we were basically up all day and night for a year. Each day Charlie and I would come into work wearing sunglasses to hide the hideous bags underneath our eyes. We slowly began to really respect each others collections and when we did have spare time we would shop for new ones together and talk about what we would do if we had our own label. Fast-forward to summer 2012 and we were holidaying with a great group of friends in Ibiza and were taking lunch in the sunshine in Formentera, very hung over from the night before. In the haze of the night before we had both lost our favourite frames and moaning over this, at lunch, we decided enough was enough, we are going to start a label. In that moment the name “Taylor Morris” was thrown out to the group and everyone thought it was brilliant! It perfectly defined what we wanted to create. The new standard in British Luxury eyewear.


Taylor Morris Eyewear: Enjoy up to 50% off select styles.

Enjoy up to 50% off select styles.

Starts on 09/27/2022