TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Monahan One PieceTAVIK Monahan One Piece

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Leeman Midi DressTAVIK Leeman Midi Dress

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Pelosa RomperTAVIK Pelosa Romper

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Mara SweaterTAVIK Mara Sweater

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Zepplin TopTAVIK Zepplin Top

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Moss One Piece - Color BlockedTAVIK Moss One Piece - Color Blocked

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Heather Bottom - Nail HeadsTAVIK Heather Bottom - Nail Heads

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Zepplin Top - Color BlockedTAVIK Zepplin Top - Color Blocked

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Haze TankTAVIK Haze Tank

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Paris SweaterTAVIK Paris Sweater

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Amour Long Sleeve RomperTAVIK Amour Long Sleeve Romper

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Jillian FleeceTAVIK Jillian Fleece

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Dirt Shirt Short Sleeve Knit "Youth Print"TAVIK Dirt Shirt Short Sleeve Knit "Youth Print"

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Chloe Bottom - ModerateTAVIK Chloe Bottom - Moderate

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Arlo Long Sleeve Mini DressTAVIK Arlo Long Sleeve Mini Dress

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Harbour PantTAVIK Harbour Pant

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Scarlett Moderate One Piece - Color BlockedTAVIK Scarlett Moderate One Piece - Color Blocked

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Bella Full BottomTAVIK Bella Full Bottom

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Simone Long Sleeve TeeTAVIK Simone Long Sleeve Tee

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Apres HoodieTAVIK Apres Hoodie

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Monahan One Piece - Textured CheetahTAVIK Monahan One Piece - Textured Cheetah

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Houghton JacketsTAVIK Houghton Jackets

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Nahla Bralette Top - Textured ChevronTAVIK Nahla Bralette Top - Textured Chevron

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Capri Short Sleeve Maxi DressTAVIK Capri Short Sleeve Maxi Dress

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Pernille Bottom - Slinky RibTAVIK Pernille Bottom - Slinky Rib

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Antic Full Bottom - PrintTAVIK Antic Full Bottom - Print

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Ali Mini BottomTAVIK Ali Mini Bottom

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Ali Full Bottom - RibbedTAVIK Ali Full Bottom - Ribbed

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Coco TopTAVIK Coco Top

TAVIK Fashion TAVIK Izzy TopTAVIK Izzy Top

TAVIK women clothing and apparel TAVIK women bags TAVIK women shoes TAVIK women accessories TAVIK women beauty

TAVIK Fashion

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TAVIK® is an original lifestyle brand cultivated from Modern Beach Culture. Recognized for redefining and uniting the modern age with beach heritage, Tavik creates, designs, and connects subcultures through premium Men's, Women's and Accessory Collections.TAVIK was formed in 2004, based around the unique subculture in Southern California and the connection of beach culture to the uprising of music festivals worldwide. Early on, the brand became a standout with fashion-forward pieces designed to take you day to night in an effortless style. With the introduction of women's swimwear in 2009 and accessories collections in 2011, TAVIK became a true reflection of the well-rounded youth culture. The brand stays true to its roots, while keeping a keen focus on producing the best products for the modern world by stocking and inspiring a network of TAVIK Visionaries worldwide.


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