TOHUM Large Puka Natural Shell Necklace in White.TOHUM Large Puka Natural Shell Necklace in WhiteTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: 22kt gold plated brass large Puka natural shell necklace from Tohum.

TOHUM Large Puka Gold-Plated And Shell Bracelet.TOHUM Large Puka Gold-Plated And Shell BraceletTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: Verda Alaton launched Tohum to express her passion for nature, which is so easy to see in this 'Puka' bracelet. Strung with a row of natural cowrie shells, it's accented with a single gold-plated one in the middle and has an adjustable cord...

TOHUM Large Puka Gold-Plated Earrings.TOHUM Large Puka Gold-Plated EarringsTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: Inspired by the sea, Tohum's earrings are made from polished gold-plated metal in the shape of an oversized cowrie shell. Wear them on vacation (and back at home) with the

TOHUM Mega Puka Gold-Plated Crystal Necklace.TOHUM Mega Puka Gold-Plated Crystal NecklaceTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: Tohum's 'Mega Puka' necklace is strung with a single gold-plated cowrie shell charm, which sits just above the collarbone between a string of clear rock crystals. This type of jewelry works best layered up, so wear yours with a

TOHUM Large Puka Gold-Plated Necklace.TOHUM Large Puka Gold-Plated NecklaceTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: Verda Alaton created Tohum out of her love of nature - the latest collection takes inspiration from the beautiful treasures that come from the sea. This necklace is strung with glossy gold-plated cowrie shell charms. The sliding cord allows you to...

TOHUM Puka Gold-Plated And Shell Ring.TOHUM Puka Gold-Plated And Shell RingTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: Tohum's 'Concha' jewelry has been spotted on some of our favorite influencers, including Leandra Medine Cohen and Pernille Teisbaek. This gold-plated 'Puka' ring is set with a pearly white cowrie shell that sits atop a thick band. Wear it now to...

TOHUM Large Puka Gold-Plated Bracelet.TOHUM Large Puka Gold-Plated BraceletTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: Shell jewelry is the latest trend to take over Instagram - we bet you've spotted one of Tohum's pieces on your favorite influencer. This 'Puka' bracelet is strung with a row of gold plated cowrie charms and has an adjustable cord fastening so you...

TOHUM Small Puka Gold-Plated And Shell Necklace.TOHUM Small Puka Gold-Plated And Shell NecklaceTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: Shell jewelry is

TOHUM Gold-Plated, Crystal And Cord Bracelet.TOHUM Gold-Plated, Crystal And Cord BraceletTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: Tohum's designer Verda Alaton loves to travel and finds inspiration from the various destinations she visits - in West Africa certain shells are believed to be a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Still trending as we go into the new season, this...

TOHUM Gold-Plated, Crystal And Cord Necklace.TOHUM Gold-Plated, Crystal And Cord NecklaceTOHUM Fashion.

TOHUM Fashion: "This season, the beloved '90s summer-vacation trinket has been elevated to a whole new level of cool," reads the opening line of

TOHUM women accessories

TOHUM Fashion

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