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Full-Time Professional, Part Time Fashionista

Jan 24 2018

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In this issue of ModeStar interviews, we get to know a Chinese young professional @megafan who has a knack for mixing streetwear influences to her looks. With much enthusiasm, she loves sharing her point of view on style through Weibo. Having to cater to two jobs, she looks to her strong interest for fashion for expression outside of work and finds joy in sharing tips and looks for others.


St. Tropez Straw Tote

ModeSens: Since when did you get into fashion? What has fashion brought for your life?

@megafan: I started forming a vague idea of fashion and style since middle school. Back then, to spend money on fashion magazines felt excessive so I would pay extra attention and digest through every single page. Whenever I see a piece in the magazines, I would imagine how that would look on myself. Style has taught me to pursue a more vibrant way to live. Constantly trying new pieces, colors, styles and outfits makes me feel super creative. Two years ago, I started publishing my own style Weibo account to share my own learnings and tips with others. I’m so glad I did that.

ModeSens: Being a fashionista, what do you usually like to buy?

@megafan: I pretty much buy everything, especially bags and shoes. Lately I mix in streetwear as well.


Gg Marmont 2.0 Leather Belt Pack, Black


'Beya' Metal Heel Leather Skimmer Loafer Mules

ModeSens: Is there a brand or designer you’re really into?

@megafan: So many. Lately I’m into BALENCIAGA, GRLFRND and HERON PRESTON. Designer-wise, I like GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY. His style exudes a very Russian cool distintive Russian youth outlook. Simple, direct, retro and street influenced.

ModeSens: What’s your favorite style? Do you like keeping up with trends or forging your own style?

@megafan: I dno’t quite have set look. I’m a fan of hip hop so I tend to mix street elements along with accessories. I would say that I go after my own look most of the time. I do change up my style from months to months — it’s really up to my mood.


Women'S Triple S Sneakers

ModeSens: It’s been quite chilly in Beijing Winters. How do you maintain warmth without sacrificing your ‘cool’?

@megafan: It has to be layers and mix-n-matching turtlenecks with several layers.


'Foxy' fox fur band spazzolato leather loafers

ModeSens: Being a full-time professional at a Chinese company, how do you find the time to keep up and write about fashion?

@megafan: I think it’s all about persistence and my love for sharing. To be able to inspire others in even small ways gives me a lot of satisfaction. Though lately it’s been so cold and busy that I’m been slow at things.

ModeSens: We love your photography style. Super personable. Do you have any tips for shooting looks?

@megafan: Smiling is my go-to and only method really. I feel quite stiff doing other poses. I’d rather just be candid and be myself. Or you can find a great Instagram-husband hahaha.


Gucci Print T-Shirt


Pionnière Canvas-Trimmed Two-Tone Leather Shoulder Bag


Princetown Horsebit-Detailed Glittered Leather Slippers

ModeSens: In China, luxury fashion is still not mainstream. Do you think that people will get into that space more and more in the future?

@megafan: I think so. In these past few years, I think the public has already gained a ton more knowledge about fashion — thanks to internet, social media and celebrity-effects. I think that it would take some time for people to really refine and figure out their own style identities.

ModeSens: What’s your first impression of ModeSens? What sets ModeSens apart from other platforms?

@megafan: ModeSens aggregates info and products from so many sites and makes search process so much easier.


Serpenti Forever Bag


White '23' Slip-On Sneakers

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