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On ModeSens: Meet a Fashion Editor

Jul 19 2018

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

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This time we interviewed a fashion editor from Beijing, ModeStar @missx. After being in the fashion industry for many years, she fully incorporate fashion into her lifestyle. During the interview, @missx’s sparks and passion for fashion really shine through her unique and interesting view and analysis on fashion. Besides fashion, @missx also likes to study metaphysics, buddhism, art, and much more. Through our interview, you will discover how versatile @missx is.

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Fringe Sandals, Brown

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ModeSens: Since when did you get into fashion? What has fashion brought for your life?

@missx: My aunt is a fashion designer. She introduced me to fashion magazine like Elle and Vogue and I grew up reading them. I built a eye for fashion because of that. Fashion is a lifestyle, and a way to truely express and expolre who you are. Fashion isn’t just about following whatever is trendy. It is about being authentic to who you are. I’m still in the search of that.

ModeSens: What’s your ideal way of living?

@missx: My ideal way of living is to be truely comfortable with myself in any setting. I still get anxious and nervous from time to time so I envy those that are carefree.

ModeSens: How does being a Modestar impact your work and daily life? Anything unique about being a Modestar?

@missx: Being a ModeStar is closely related to my work and daily life. As a fashion editor, I use ModeSens for work and for my personal use to follow the newest information on foreign shopping websites. I also use the LOOKS forum to exchange tips on putting together outfits with experts from all over the world. I get a lot of inspirations from work on ModeSens.

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

ModeStar @missx's Original Collection

The Superpower Of Comics

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ModeSens: What’s your ideal type of fashion? What do you like to shop normally? What’s your favorite way to shop?

@missx: I like styles that not only is pleasing to the eyes, but also has principles and philosophy that supports it. When I shop for myself, I like to purchase things that I can wear on a daily basis. It has to be high quality and has design details but at the same time affordable. I like to shop online using ModeSens. ModeSens has a wide selections of brands and discount information.

ModeSens:  What is your favorite fashion brand? Who is your favorite designer? Why?

@missx: My favorite is indeed ISABEL MARANT. I’ve been wearing this brand for 7 years now. Her design mostly focuses on womenswear. The cut of her outfits are exceptional. She adapts both femininity and masculinity in her work, creating something that is a unique combination of both. From casual wear to workwear and to partywear, I was able to find stuff that really suits me. Her design is also very timeless. I’m still wearing some items that I purchased 7 years ago.

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

Isabel Marant

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Jayme Cotton-Blend Stretch-Crepe Mini Dress, Black

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ModeSens: What’s your favorite style of outfit and why?

@missx: I like finding the balance of femininity and tomboy style. I like the asserted sexniess and the unpretenciousness.

ModeSens: If you were to give yourself a hashtag, what would it be and why?

@missx: Perhaps #gymlife? hahaha but I’m not really there yet. Please give me 3 more months.

ModeSens: Do you have any tips while taking photos? How do you express yourself in photography?

@missx: Not really. I still have a lot to learn from all the experts in LOOKS. I’m kind of awkward in front of cameras so I prefer candid photos.

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Cropped Flared Jeans, Black

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ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星


Freshwater Pearl Rope Necklace, 48"L, White

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ModeSens: Your view on skin care and nutrient products? Any recs?

@missx: Skin care really varies depending on individuals. It really takes some trial and error to find something that really is for you. My personal preference is LA MER. It stabilizes my skin condition. As for ways to stay in shape, I hired a personal trainer recently to really get down to it  so I can stop envying girls with nice body.

ModeSens: What’s your first impression of ModeSens? What sets ModeSens apart from other platforms?

@missx: It is a very powerful and well-rounded platform. It has all the brands i’m interested. Besides that, I was able to view the price, in stock quantity and discount information on , ModeSens. You can even compare price on it, which really helps save time when I’m placing an order. The visuals of the website is pretty amazing as well. I find the articles pretty interesting.I also love to see how other users put together different outfits. ModeSens pretty much has it all.

ModeSens 时装编辑也是ModeSens的超级玩家 时尚搭配美女帅哥明星

ModeStar @missx might have seem distant and cold when you first met her. She is small but fierce at the same time. She really shows the passionate side of her and was in fact pretty easy to talk to and opinionated. What surprises us was, as a fashion editor, @missx uses ModeSens as a source of inspiration. This is really meaningful and important to ModeSens. We hope to work with more working professional in the fashion industry. We look forward working with all you fashion influencers.

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