CHRISTOFLE Madison Key Ring - Silver-Plate.CHRISTOFLE Madison Key Ring - Silver-PlateCHRISTOFLE Fashion.

CHRISTOFLE Fashion: Christofle's Madison key ring is crafted of polished silvertone metal and features four charms: a black leather hexagon, a metal hexagon, a metal open hexagon and a metal bug. 3.5 length (approximately) Etched logo at hexagon charm Key-ring...

CHRISTOFLE Idole Sterling Silver Bangle.CHRISTOFLE Idole Sterling Silver BangleCHRISTOFLE Fashion.

CHRISTOFLE Fashion: Christofle - Created in 2005, the Idole collection by Christofle is stamped with the number 925" - the ultimate reflection of sterling silvers purity. Boasting the contoured clarity of a sophisticated circle, this bangle is designed by the talented...

CHRISTOFLE Sterling Silver Pendant Earrings.CHRISTOFLE Sterling Silver Pendant EarringsCHRISTOFLE Fashion.

CHRISTOFLE Fashion: Christofle - An essential design of the Christofle house, the twisted ring of Andrée Putman comes to infinity with these pendant earrings. Crafted in sterling silver, they area sleek, ultra-modern and feminine, designed for women in adequacy with...

CHRISTOFLE Idole Multi-Ring Necklace in Silver.CHRISTOFLE Idole Multi-Ring Necklace in SilverCHRISTOFLE Fashion.

CHRISTOFLE Fashion: Christofle - Idole de Christofle is a line of sterling silver jewellery and accessories from acclaimed designer Andrée Putman, who has worked on everything from film sets to aeroplanes, with a recurring motif of ebullient rings. This exquisite...

CHRISTOFLE Idole Sterling Silver Ring.CHRISTOFLE Idole Sterling Silver RingCHRISTOFLE Fashion.

CHRISTOFLE Fashion: Christofle - Created in 2005, this iconic Idole collection from Christofle is stamped '925' - the ultimate reflection of thesterling silvers purity, found in all the brand's jewellery creations. The bare, feminine curves of this ring, twisted by the...



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