IIUVO Iiuvo Emmie Candle.IIUVO Iiuvo Emmie CandleIIUVO Fashion.

IIUVO Fashion: Named lovingly after one of the founder’s Grandmothers, IIUVO’s Emmie candle resonates with the memories of her mythical Irish garden. Filled with notes of moss and lichen, the earthy scent sees a patchouli blend with a woody core, accented with the...

IIUVO Iiuvo Woodgrain Candle.IIUVO Iiuvo Woodgrain CandleIIUVO Fashion.

IIUVO Fashion: Meaning to delight or gratify, IIUVO’s fragrances are to be enjoyed in the moment. Crafted with experience, each scent takes time to create, instilling emotional resonance into each candle. Inspired by a floristry workshop, the Ajon candle sees...

IIUVO Iiuvo Kurin Candle.IIUVO Iiuvo Kurin CandleIIUVO Fashion.

IIUVO Fashion: Continuing to experiment with fragrances until a fresh, new scent emerges, London-based IIUVO is back with the Kurin candle. With a long-lasting burn time, the Kurin aroma is built upon a base of moss, cedar and musk – layered with notes of green...

IIUVO Iiuvo Fonteyn Eau De Parfum.IIUVO Iiuvo Fonteyn Eau De ParfumIIUVO Fashion.

IIUVO Fashion: Meaning to delight or gratify, fragrance masters IIUVO offer the Fonteyn fragrance this season. Taking its name after prima ballerina Margot Fonteyn, IIUVO’s eau de parfum offering sees impulse and delicacies in its floral scent, backed by earthy...

IIUVO Iiuvo Soigné Eau De Parfum.IIUVO Iiuvo Soigné Eau De ParfumIIUVO Fashion.

IIUVO Fashion: A word used to depict a man of immaculate style and appearance, IIUVO’s Soigné eau de parfum is reminiscent of old Hollywood elegance; embodying the seductive fire of artistic sensibilities. A warm fragrance rooted in base notes of sandalwood and...

IIUVO Iiuvo Gilot Eau De Parfum.IIUVO Iiuvo Gilot Eau De ParfumIIUVO Fashion.

IIUVO Fashion: The muse and inspiration of artist Pablo Picasso, and now the inspiration behind IIUVO’s latest fragrance; Françoise Gilot was described as the painter’s Mediterranean muse. Dedicated to formidable women, the Gilot eau de parfum highlights...

IIUVO Iiuvo Bullshit Candle.IIUVO Iiuvo Bullshit CandleIIUVO Fashion.

IIUVO Fashion: Fragrance connoisseurs IIUVO collaborate with London and Mexico City-based artist Stefan Brüggemann to deliver the 'Bullshit' candle. Aptly named to represent the no man’s land between truth and investigation, the premium fragrance sees hints of...


IIUVO Fashion

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