Fashion Designer New Balance 998 Addict Lip Plumping Lacquer Ink - 998 Midnighter / Bold Violet, 998 All-Nighter (Bold Violet)Addict Lip Plumping Lacquer Ink - 998 Midnighter / Bold Violet, 998 All-Nighter (Bold Violet)

What it is: The first lip plumping lacquered ink by Dior that provides intense, long-wear color, lip plumping ingredients and an incredibly comfortable texture. What it does: A true breakthrough from the Dior innovation labs, this liquid lipstick is the perfect makeup and skin care hybrid. Like an ink, it tints lips with long-wear color for eight hours (in an instrumental test on 20 subjects). As a plumper, it delivers a volume-boosting and shaping effect, along with ultra-hydration from Dior. And 24 hours after application, lips experience a 78% increase in moisture levels (in an instrumental test on 11 subjects). Its secret is an oil-in-water emulsion infused with pigments and enriched with natural hibiscus extract for a plumping effect and hyaluronic acid for moisturization. Dior Addict Lip Plumping Lacquer Ink kicks into action upon contact with the lips to reveal its bold color and a radiant lacquer finish. Mere seconds after applying, color and shine emerge in a fine, airy film while plumping the lips."It's a fascinating formula innovation. We succeeded in pushing the different effects of color and shine to the extreme with a plumping skin care formula and a second-skin texture that you'll forget you're wearing something at all." -Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior MakeupHow to use: Prime your lips by massaging them with a sugar scrub. For greater intensity and precision, outline and fill in lips with a liner. Apply two coats of Dior Addict Lip Plumping Lacquer Ink, moving outward from the center then blending out to the corner. Style Name: Dior Addict Lip Plumping Lacquer Ink. Style Number: 5587363. Available in stores.


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